SOE Student Entrepreneurship Programme

In line with SOE’s mission to promote entrepreneurship, we regularly conduct free outreach programmes on entrepreneurship to our local Secondary schools and youth centres. These courses are run by consultants engaged by SOE and funded by donations we raise.

SOE also provides seed funding to schools and youth centres which incorporate our entrepreneurship programme into their curriculum for their students. In addition, our SOE Board Members and past Honourees are often invited to share their entrepreneurial journeys during talks organised as part of the programme.

Over the past four years, 2,500 students across 23 Primary and Secondary schools have benefitted from the programme.

SOE hopes that through such close interaction, more students will be motivated to follow their business dreams. The programme can also be tailored to better accommodate students’ individual requirements.

This year, the SEP focuses on students who are financially underprivileged. After the Programme, SOE hopes that the schools can perform fundraising events to “PAY-IT-FORWARD”, wherein the students can apply their learnings from SEP and share the funds to neighbourhood charities.

For more information on the SEP, please download this brochure, or write to the Secretariat.


Pasir Ris Secondary School

“Students learnt to communicate and work together as a group to achieve team goals. They also learnt how to do planning and budgeting to establish an enterprise. Such fundamental learning would be useful for them to apply in their VIA projects and future financial advancement even if they do not plan to be entrepreneurs.”

Princess Elizabeth Primary School

They have learnt the basics of a business plan. They have applied these skills in planning activities for the school’s Fund raising day where they create a plan to set up a stall.  The enthusiasm of the instructors has motivated the students.  Some of the activities eg Building a structure got the students to work as a team.

Yumin Primary School

They have learnt to draw up a business proposal, learnt the concept of enterprise and social enterprise. They learnt to innovate and come up with products to meet the needs. Team work and creativity also in the skills they learnt. Using these skills, the pupils had come up with interesting ideas for their fund-raising event for the elderly.

It was indeed very beneficial for the pupils as the programme could cater and customize to our school needs.

Victoria School

The programme, which is conducted by coach Ayuri, is certainly very engaging and enjoyable. I can see from students’ active participation when they are in group discussion and presentation.