Our Mission


Charity Regn Date: 27 May 2003

Constitution: Company Limited by Guarantee

Date of Establishment: 21 February 2003

UEN / BRN: 200301515E


IPC Status Effective Date: 1 December 2003



Baker Tilly TFW LLP


1. These include donations collected through flag days, donations that entail benefits to the donors and donations received for overseas purposes.

2. This refers to costs directly incurred and paid for during fund-raising. They include such costs as advertisements, printing, publicity materials, rental of premises, logistics, hiring of commercial third-party fund-raisers, organizing games of chance, etc.

3. These are all resources applied by the charity in undertaking its work to meet its charitable objectives in the delivery of goods and services. Such costs include the direct costs of the charitable activities together with those support costs incurred that enable these activities to be undertaken.

4. These are expenses which relate to the general running of the charity that provide the governance infrastructure which allows the charity to operate, to generate the information required for public accountability, and the strategic planning processes that contribute to future development of the charity.

5. These are generally unrestricted funds which the Charity Organisation is free to use for its programmes and operating costs e.g. General Fund.

6. These are special funds held by the Charity Organisation that can only be applied for specific purposes, e.g. Building Fund.

7. These are funds which the Charity Organisation holds in trust for the benefit of the Charity Organisation as a capital fund. Generally, only interest income from Endowment Funds are used, and not the capital sum.

8. Related Party Transactions refer to transactions between the Charity Organisation and another person where either person could have influence over the other. For example, if a board member of an Charity Organisation is related to a certain supplier of services for the Charity Organisation, the value of the transactions should be disclosed. Refer to the Financial Reporting Standards for the full definition of Related Party Transactions.

9. This is expressed in the ratio of A to B, where A refers to Direct Fund-raising Expenses and sponsorships relating to fund-raising (where receipts have been issued by sponsors); and B refers to total donations received from fund-raising and sponsorships relating to fund-raising (where receipts have been issued by sponsors).

10. This is expressed in the ratio of C to D, where C refers to Unrestricted Funds; and D refers to Charitable Activities Expenses and Other Operating and Administration Expenses.