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SOE’s Student Entrepreneur Programme (SEP), launched in 2005, provides students with the fundamentals of starting an enterprise, practical operational and financial management skills, hands-on experience, as well as networking opportunities with local entrepreneurs and professionals.

The hands-on approach adopted as part of SEP is designed to make entrepreneurship come alive through learning, as it allows students to apply concepts and knowledge that they learn as part of the curriculum in school.

SEP is not just about demonstrating an understanding of the elements of business, but more importantly, it is about cultivating passion, resilient spirit, innovation and true leadership among the younger generation.

SEP in Numbers (2017 to 2021)

Funding Models

100%-funded model

Schools are required to take up all six SEP modules

SOE will fund 100% of the programme fees for students who are Singaporeans and/or PRs, capped at $5,000 per school, per annum

Appointed training providers will be reimbursed by SOE; i.e. there will be no need for any upfront payment by the schools

Our Programme Partners

SOE has revamped the approach of our Student Entrepreneur Programme starting in 2020, by partnering three different training providers – Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group, Edu 21 Consultants and Young Founders School. Certified trainers from these three organisations will conduct workshops and programmes for students by reaching out directly to educational institutions/centres in Singapore.

Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group
1 Singapore’s largest training and education company founded in 2002
2 Their programmes have impacted over 700,000 individuals and more than 400 organisations
3 Trainers are highly action-oriented and known for their training engagement
Edu 21 Consultants

1 A full-fledged enrichment training provider that offers training in six major faculties
2 Their training modules enable students to learn through interaction, values instilment and curriculum understanding

What Others Say

Pasir Ris Secondary School

“Students learnt to communicate and work together as a group to achieve team goals. They also learnt how to do planning and budgeting to establish an enterprise. Such fundamental learning would be useful for them to apply in their VIA projects and future financial advancement even if they do not plan to be entrepreneurs.”

Princess Elizabeth Primary School

“They have learnt the basics of a business plan. They have applied these skills in planning activities for the school’s Fund raising day where they create a plan to set up a stall.The enthusiasm of the instructors has motivated the students.Some of the activities e.g. building a structure got the students to work as a team.”

Yumin Primary School

“They have learnt to draw up a business proposal, learnt the concept of enterprise and social enterprise. They learnt to innovate and come up with products to meet the needs. Teamwork and creativity also in the skills they learnt. Using these skills, the pupils had come up with interesting ideas for their fund-raising event for the elderly. It was indeed very beneficial for the pupils as the programme could cater and customize to our school needs.”

PVictoria School

“The programme, which is conducted by coach Ayuri, is certainly very engaging and enjoyable. I can see from students’ active participation when they are in group discussion and presentation.”

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