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Since 2003, SOE has been reaching out to tertiary institutions to engage students to interview successful business entrepreneurs in Singapore.

Through the interview process, student interviewers get to hear first-hand accounts from entrepreneurs on their stories of resilience and perseverance – essential values to inculcate in our youths today. In addition, we hope the stories shared by entrepreneurs will inspire our youths to take bold steps and embark on their own entrepreneurial journey, and be a force for good and change as they contribute to the society and community.

To date, more than 1,000 students have benefitted from the SOE Student Interviewer Programme. Educational institutions have also been very supportive of this programme, by either including SIP as a component of students’ courses, or encouraging students to voluntarily participate in SIP to gain knowledge and experience.

SIP in Numbers (2017 to 2021)

SOE Best Student Interviewer and Student Achievement Awards

Each year, the Student Interviewer Programme culminates in the evaluation and selection of honourees who will then receive the SOE Award. These honourees are chosen from the pool of nominees interviewed by students as part of SIP, after the submission of interview transcripts and relevant documents, as well as a stringent judging process by the SOE Board of Governors.

Other than evaluation of nominees, student interviewers are also assessed by the Board of Governors, and the best-performing students each year are presented the SOE Best Student Interviewer Award and SOE Student Achievement Award during the SOE Awards event.

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Key Takeaways from Student Interviewers

“The SIP Programme has allowed me to gain invaluable insights into how a company can possibly start up with one vision and subsequently, putting in consistent, daily hard work to achieve targeted goals.”

–Oh Xin Yu

“The programme has taught me that entrepreneurs are just like you and I, except they have much more courage and a vision to thrive.”

–Julia Yeo

“School cannot be the only place you learn. You have to learn from life, from people. Because [learning] isn’t just about business, it’s about your life as well.”

–Mathias Tan

“I’ve witnessed how a strong sense of passion and purpose can transform into something amazing.”

–Wee Jun Heng

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